About Us

When I was a child growing up in Detroit, my mother gave me a gold unicorn charm in one of my Easter eggs. That day began my love affair with unicorns and my search to find out all I could about them.

Later, I remember seeing an illustration of Noah’s Ark in the beginning pages of a child's bible and all the animals lining up to board. In that illustration was a beautiful unicorn. I exclaimed, "See mom, I told you they were real, they are in the bible.” I still can’t be convinced otherwise. And that belief has played a big part in shaping my story.

After 15 years creating make-believe sets for TV and film in Hollywood, I decided to bring that same sense of wonder into creating The Unicorn Store–a curated collection of whimsy and wonder to put a smile on someone’s face. Thoughtfully wrapped and boxed to make every day feel like a holiday.





This whole adventure is dedicated to my mentors, my mother and grandmother. While they are no longer on Earth, they are still with me every day and their encouragement for me to follow through with my dreams lives on.

And thank you to my father for all his support throughout the years.


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